Positive and Negative impact of Digital Marketing on Students

What are Positive Impact of Digital Marketing On Students?

In today’s society, youth spend the majority of their time on digital platforms, not only to communicate with friends, family, and others but also to search for their favourite artists, brands, and other topics of interest. Modern students are less receptive to cold calling, emailing, and other traditional marketing methods as well, such as printed materials like flyers, brochures, and pamphlets.

Instead, they use Google and other social media platforms to search for items on digital platforms from important organisations. Because of the advancement of technology, digital marketing has a very successful reach.

In addition, compared to other training institutions and similar things, learning on digital platforms is not that cost-effective from the perspective of the student. In every region, individuals seek out the skills they require and attempt to acquire them from both paid and unpaid institutions. Students learn better as a result of this accessibility. The right content consistently reaches the audience, and the impact it has on people is enormous. Students are drawn in by the content’s availability, affordability, and variety, which enables them to advance their careers.

What are The Negative Impact of Digital Marketing On Students?

Even though digital marketing provides students with a significant advantage in terms of educational knowledge, it also has a negative impact on students. One of the most important factors is time consumption; to learn about the authorized portals, one must conduct extensive research; the process of surfing is inefficient. When it comes to digital marketing, security and privacy concerns are critical.

Inappropriate portals divert students’ attention away from their actual needs and cause them to abandon the digital marketing trend for security reasons. As we all know, digital marketing is truly based on technology and the internet. Another known fact about the internet is that it is prone to errors. At times, the link may not function properly, loading pages may result in an error or other such well-known errors.

These conditions of internet errors create pressure on students, and sometimes they panic and tend to start looking for other things. Aside from these factors, fraudulent activities and excessive use of smartphones and other gadgets at night lead to poor sleep, eye fatigue, and other illnesses.

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