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Advertising is mainly used as a form to communicate or promote a message through a brand or company in talks for their ongoing sale or recently launched products. A niche marketing strategy is used by companies to attract customers or some companies even do it to retain customers. The consumer is the king in any kind of advertisement if it relates to the customer’s businesses growing organically because they involve their consumers at each step of the process. Marketing has to be consumer-centric. 

Digital spaces have become a premium part of our lives. It is important for businesses whether small or big or companies wanting to promote their products to acquire their brand image on digital platforms gradually because consumers in the market are educated and learn the trends faster than required. Websites follow on the basis of paid promotion to their content which leaps to acquire a faster customer rate and the rest organically. Mobile advertising through an obsolete method but yet still exists informing customers about the latest or existing products which the business holds. This majorly happens on Whatsapp these days since the company collects basic information from consumers and updates the consumers regarding the same. This technique is useful when the company is trying to create leads for potential consumers.

Television is a media known for everyday sourcing of information. Consumers being a daily audience to the television are not able to grasp much about the advertisement but it helps the company be there with consumers at the back of their mind. This helps to reach a mass audience with no aim of one size fits all.  Because that is a long history.
Theatres are our guilty pleasure for the weekend. Necessarily more than said to keep the audience busy before the movie begins it is a great way to capture which may retain attention span for a longer period of time demanding the interval period.
Product placement is the trending form as commonly known as embedded marketing is a technique the product is used as a reference point for any other network mostly per films or television where an actor is using the reputed brand product only. Such brands due to heavy promotional charges are entitled to premium sponsorships in movies or tv shows. 
Radio is considered as a travel partner in boredom or long drives. Advertisements on the radio are the best of a kind because being audible promises to always stay with consumers even while not paying attention and reaches a mass audience without default.
The print was the latest trend in the early 2000s and technology was on a boom.  Technology advancement has changed the game in the field of advertising making print take a back seat as more consumers grasp more through other sources. Magazine advertisements that either arrives weekly or once a fortnight commonly stick around paid promotion as news houses can by running on adding an extra page even if it is merely for advertising. Brochures are the technique used to grab accumulation towards a point of sale. This even happens when sales representatives come under the building and leave pamphlets or go door to door.  Our daily dose of information comes with pieces of advertisements that captivate the consumer in order to increase the brand image of the company. 
The internet has become a huge global village of all sorts of information. So, the best kind of adverts to increase reach and pay per click for the website off the company. Due to companies like AMAZON, it has become easier with the world of e-commerce being in our own hands.  
By: Sanvi Somani