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Advertising is not what it used to be. Gone are the days when posting ads meant running around with a newspaper. Today adverts have more tendency towards an online space digital media has been a go-to for every consumer. The business has to run online no matter what. Consumers always tend to follow what the company or business tries to sell online rather than physical store presence. Online marketing is part of every niche in the business for every company whether small or big. This demonstrates the importance of building an online presence and reaching the correct target audience of consumers.

Build a website for the company

Looks common but an absolute requirement for companies to keep up with competition to sustain in the industry. The costs associated would be creating a domain name to generate sales.

Online advertising

To gain the correct amount of exposure companies can use tools like listing the company on a classified, or a business community network. This can help the business a targeted ad and reach a new level of audience.


Search engines can help in reaching businesses if customers require them based on the search they thrive to look for. This helps the business create an audience as per the consumer’s click on their website. It could be global or regional. Creates a global consumer base.

Social Media

Media has the power to connect and bring a sense of community to the business allowing the brand to create a comfortable space among the users and threat to competition.

Local Business Listings

Spread through word of mouth, register the business in the nearest authorities and be availed to the people when in search. This way businesses can customise themselves and reach a massive local audience.

Advertise using pop-ups

Since it’s hard to visit a website these days without a pop asking in for a subscription. Pop-ups are easier to gather the attention of a user calling it to take action in the conversion of a potential client. This narrows down the search figure traffic towards the website directly.

By Sanvi Somani