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About US

About Star World

Existing for about 4 years, Star World has seen and faced almost every aspect of content marketing & Promotion. For the last 4 years, we’ve built trusted partnerships with an extraordinary roster of brands and have helped them to tell business stories, own hearts, get recognised, and drive results. We develop a brand image keeping the utmost professional attributes keeping in mind Brand Identity, Visual Language, Brand Architecture, Brand Communication & Brand Promotion.

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We Believe In Learning & Growing With Your Users

We follow an approach where we never carry the orders only, without logic, nor we speak big. We first learn & understand the product and services, followed by understanding the organization’s objectives. We then grow by discussing and debating with the brains of the organization and after understanding the potential or target buyers, users, customers and followers’ mind and mood, we create, experiment, re-create  execute.

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We highly believe in Our Values

Yes ! We actually believe in certain values and have made it our principle to follow:


We highly believe in a very careful and persistent action and accordingly demand for a similar or better reaction. We at digital marketing agencies play with brands. However, a simple or minor error or mistake can destroy a brands image and reputation, that took months and years to achieve. So there is no gap for mistakes. And thus we need to achieve utmost diligence. 


Today, many business owners, who are not internet friendly, thrive to generate minimum sales revenue required for the sustenance of their brand. For them, even for others, we would love to educate them, about what is digital marketing and how it can boost their sales in short time. We would love to let them know the various aspects of Internet marketing and how they can achieve global business sales, by just working out a proper digital marketing strategy.

We also value in educating the potential or target audience about a particular product or service. Because, unless your target audience are educated or taught, they won’t approach your product or service, because they won’t know about it.


90% of Digital Campaigns, around the globe, fail because of deviation. Digital marketing is not always a short term single window approach for generating sales. It is a steady yet consistent multi window approach, where brands need to simultaneously work on SEO, SEM, SMM and more to reach the potential audience in massive scale and ultimately achieve better conversion rates. Certain sales figures can be achieved in short periods, but not the brand value. A brand value can only be achieved with a consistent approach.

What We Do Best

Brand Design & Strategy

Content / Copywriting

Social Media Marketing

Brand Consultancy

Audience Analytics

Web Development

Email Marketing


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